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The following is just a small sampling of the projects for which I have been responsible.

new insight cover

old insight style

The original Insight design was in serious need of "updating." The modernization included not only the cover, but the entire journal format was completely redesigned.

ajic new cover

old ajic

After receiving high praise for a series of successful face lifts directed towards  various titles, my team was asked to again  bring a "more modern and lighter feel" to both the preceeding and the immediately following titles.  Both of the new designs were met with the greatest of  enthusiasm and both were universally  adopted by each of their respective professional societies.

old vascular nursing

new vascular nursing

Promo mailer

dancesport package

The examples above were part of a promotion developed for the 8 "Dancer's Cup" regional ballroom dance competitions. It featured a high energy theatrical audio production which introduced the judges and officials presiding at each of the competitions.

cd lables

The production and design of each of the above individualized competition packages included: collateral graphic elements such as "Award Certificates", event "Script" as well as the  "CD Cover Designs" above.  Each also contained audio production elements including: individualized  "Grand Opening Ceremonies", "Introduction of Dignitaries",  strict time "Practice Session" audio beds, and "Vendor Promotional Announcements." Click below to hear for yourself.

mp3 Sample 1     mp3 Sample 2     mp3 Sample 3     mp3 Sample 4       

outside of stone flyer

inside of stone tri-fold

The two samples shown above are the outside and inside spreads of a self mailer and introductory promotional piece, designed for an importer of European, African, and Austrailian  natural  stone products.

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